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Poe is a multi-media artist specializing in ceramics. Born in Orange County, California, and raised as a foster child, he has experienced a range of social and economic backgrounds. His journey into the art world began during his teenage years in high school, where he discovered his passion for ceramics. His strive for suitability is inspired by the time he spent building adobe homes in the US. After this, he received his Associate's degree in studio art from Orange Coast College During that time he also took a class at Alfred under the guidance of Matt Katz. Poe is currently finishing his BA at UC Berkeley’s Art Practice Department. 

Throughout his career, Poe has achieved significant milestones, including a solo art show at UC Berkeley's Art Practice and Anthropology building. He was honored with the UC Berkeley Art Practice Certificate of Excellence in the discipline of Video and was awarded the UC Berkeley Art Research Grant, which he used to explore new ways of applying color to ceramic work. These accomplishments reflect his dedication to the arts and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of his creative practice.

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